Small PA System

Based on Skytec components, this system consists of 2 x 15" tops with horn tweeters, and 2 x 15" sub-bass boxes. The complete system is powered by a 300W per channel amplifier with a compresser/limiter, Digital equalisation and an 8-channel input mixer. The system is ideal for pub function rooms, garden parties and house parties. It can also be used in conjunction with the large system to provide sound monitoring/foldback for a live band and for DJ monitoring.

Large PA system

Based on NEXO components, the system consists of 2 x Nexo PS15 tops, with 1 x Nexo LS1200 sub-bass. The system is powered by 3 x 1000W amplifiers, including a dedicated amplifier for the sub-bass, with a Nexo TD controller, allowing maximum sound levels without speaker damage. Intelligent processing (Compresser/Limiter/Expander) and digital equalisation allow the sound to be exactly tailored for each venue. The system is ideal for dance parties and live band use.

Mixers and DJ consoles

We have a 16 channel Spirit audio mixer for live bands, and a multi-source DJ console, featuring twin CD decks with a mixer and FX processor, and a fully digital controller that functions like a large Ipod - it can play MP3 or .Wav files from a USB-attached hard drive - or just slot in a USB stick or an Ipod (not touch version) with your tunes ready to mix live.